Mount Calvary Lutheran Church

Sunday Messages

All Saints’ Sunday|11.03.2019|Ephesians 1:11-23 and Psalm 32 and Luke 6:20-31|Pr. Ken Thurow

Reformation Sunday|10.27.2019|Jeremiah 31:31-34 and Psalm 84 and Romans 3:19-28 and John 8:31-36|Pr. Ken Thurow

Nineteenth Sunday After Pentecost|10.20.2019|Genesis 32:22-31 and Psalm 121 and Luke 18:108|Pr. Chad Kohlmeyer

Eighteenth Sunday After Pentecost|10.13.2019|2 Kings 5:1-15c and Psalm 111 and Luke 17:11-19|Pr. Ken Thurow

Seventeenth Sunday After Pentecost|10.6.2019|2 Timothy 1:1-14; Luke 17:5-10|Pr. Ken Thurow

Sixteenth Sunday After Pentecost|9.29.2019|Amos 6:1a, 4-7 and Psalm 145 and Luke 16:19-31|Pr. Ken Thurow

Fifteenth Sunday After Pentecost|9.22.2019|Amos 8:4-7 and Psalm 113 and Luke 16:1-13|Pr. Ken Thurow

Fourteenth Sunday After Pentecost|9.15.2019|Exodus 32:7-14 and Psalm 51 and Luke 15:1-10|Pr. Ken Thurow

Thirteenth Sunday After Pentecost|9.8.2019|Deuteronomy 30:15-20 and Psalm 1 and Luke 14:25-33|Pr. Zach Parris

Twelfth Sunday After Pentecost|9.1.2019|Proverbs 25:6-7 and Psalm 112 and Luke 14:1, 7-14|Bruce Hoelter

Eleventh Sunday After Pentecost|8.25.2019|Isaiah 58:9b-14 and Psalm 103:1-8 and Luke 13:10-17|Rev. Bob Kuehner

Tenth Sunday After Pentecost|8.18.2019|Jeremiah 23:23-29 and Psalm 82 and Luke 12:49-56|Rev. Ron Powers

Ninth Sunday After Pentecost|8.11.2019|Genesis 15:1-6 and Psalm 33:12-22 and Luke 12:32-40|Rev. Kent Mueller

Seventh Sunday After Pentecost|7.28.2019|Genesis 18:20-32 and Psalm 138 and Luke 11:1-13|Pr. Sara Wirth

Sixth Sunday After Pentecost|7.21.2019|Genesis 18:1-10a and Psalm 15 and Luke 10:38-42|Pr. Sara Wirth

Fifth Sunday After Pentecost|7.14.2019|Deuteronomy 30:9-14 and Psalm 225:1-10 and Colossians 1:1-14 and Luke 10:25-37|Pr. Sara Wirth

Fourth Sunday After Pentecost|7.7.2019|Isaiah 66:10-14 and Psalm 66:1-9 and Luke 10:1-11, 16-20|Pr. Sara Wirth

Third Sunday of Pentecost|6.30.2019|1 Kings 19:15-16, 19-21 and Psalm 16 and Luke 9:51-62|Pr. Sara Wirth

Second Sunday of Pentecost|6.23.2019|Isaiah 65:1-9 and Psalm 22 and Luke 8:26-39|Pr. Sara Wirth

Holy Trinity Sunday|6.16.2019|Proverbs 8:1-4, 22-31 and Psalm 8 and John 16:12-15|Nicole Garcia

Sunday of Pentecost|6.9.2019|Acts 2:1-4, Romans 8:14-39, Matthew 28:16-20|Pr. Sara Wirth

Seventh Sunday of Easter|6.2.2019|Romans 6:1-14 and Matthew 6:24|Pr. Sara Wirth

Sixth Sunday of Easter|5.26.2019|Romans 5:1-11 and Matthew 11:28-30|Pr. Sara Wirth

Fifth Sunday of Easter|5.19.2019|Romans 1:1-17 and Matthew 9:10-13|Pr. Sara Wirth

Fourth Sunday of Easter|5.12.2019|Acts 13:1-3, 14:8-18 and Matthew 10:40-42|Dr. Mark Jacobson

Second Sunday of Easter|4.28.2019|Psalm 40:9-10 and Matthew 28:16-20|Nicole Garcia

Easter Sunday|4.21.2019|Psalm 118:19-24 and Matthew 28:1-10|Pr. Sara Wirth

Palm Sunday|4.14.2019|Psalm 118:25-29 and Matthew 21:1-17|Pr. Sara Wirth

Fifth Sunday in Lent|4.07.2019|Psalm 98:7-9 and Matthew 25:31-46|Pr. Sara Wirth

Fourth Sunday in Lent|3.31.2019|Psalm 43:3-4 and Matthew 25:1-13|Nicole Garcia

Third Sunday in Lent|3.24.2019|Psalm 45:6-7 and Matthew 22:1-14|Pr. Sara Wirth

Second Sunday in Lent|3.17.2019|Psalm 16:5-8 and Matthew 20:1-16|Pr. Terry Schjang

Transfiguration of Our Lord|3.3.2019|Psalm 41:7-10 and Matthew 16:24-17:8|Pr. Sara Wirth

Sixth Sunday of Epiphany|2.17.2019|Psalm 84:1-7 and Matthew 13:24-43|Pr. Sara Wirth

Fifth Sunday of Epiphany|2.10.2019|Psalm 37 and Matthew 7:1-14, 24-29|Nicole Garcia

Fourth Sunday of Epiphany|2.03.2019|Psalm 20 and Matthew 6:7-21|Pr. Sara Wirth

Third Sunday of Epiphany|1.27.2019|Psalm 1 and Matthew 5:1-16|Pr. Sara Wirth

Second Sunday of Epiphany|1.20.2019|Matthew 4:1-17|Pr. Sara Wirth

Baptism of our Lord|1.13.2019|Psalm 2:7-8 and Matthew 3:1-17|Pr. Sara Wirth

Epiphany|1.6.2019|Psalm 96:10-13 and Matthew 2:1-23|Peter Severson

Christmas Eve|12.24.2018|Psalm 96:10-13 and Luke 2:1-20|Pr. Sara Wirth

Fourth Sunday in Advent|12.23.2018|Psalm 23:1-4 and Matthew 1:18-25|Nicole Garcia

Third Sunday in Advent|12.16.2018|Isiah 42:1-9 and Matthew 12:15-21|Pr. Sara Wirth

Second Sunday in Advent|12.09.2018|Esther 4:1-17 and Matthew 5:13-16|Pr. Sara Wirth

First Sunday in Advent|12.02.2018|Habakkuk 1:1-7; 2:1-4; 3:17-19 and Matthew 26:36-38|Pr. Sara Wirth

Christ the King Sunday|11.25.2018|Jeremiah 1:4-10; 7:1-11 and Matthew 21:12-13|Nicole Garcia

Twenty-Fifth Sunday after Pentecost|11.11.2018|Micah 5:2-5a; 6:6-8|Pr. Sara Wirth

All Saints’ Sunday|11.04.2018|2 Kings 5:1-15a and Matthew 8:2-3|Pr. Sara Wirth

Reformation Sunday|10.28.2018|1 Kings 3:4-15 and John 8:31-36|Pr. Sara Wirth

Twenty-Second Sunday after Pentecost|10.21.2018|2 Samuel 11:1-5, 14-15, 26-27; 12:1-10 and Matthew 21:33-41|Pr. Sara Wirth

Twenty-First Sunday after Pentecost|10.14.2018|Joshua 24:1-15 and Matthew 8-10|Nicole Garcia

Twentieth Sunday after Pentecost|10.07.2018|Exodus 19:3-7; 20:1-17 and Matthew 5:17|Pr. Sara Wirth

Nineteenth Sunday after Pentecost|09.30.2018|Exodus 14:5-7, 10-14, 21-29 and Matthew 2:13-15|Nicole Garcia

Eighteenth Sunday after Pentecost|09.23.2018|Genesis 39:1-23 and Matthew 5:11-12|Pr. Sara Wirth

Sixteenth Sunday after Pentecost|09.09.2018|Genesis 6:5-22; 8:6-12, 9:8-17 and Matthew 8:24-27|Pr. Sara Wirth

Fifteenth Sunday after Pentecost|09.02.2018|Genesis 4:1-16|Pr. Sara Wirth

Fourteenth Sunday after Pentecost |08.26.2018|Luke 15:1-7|Pr. Sara Wirth

Thirteenth Sunday after Pentecost|08.19.2018|Jonah 1-4|Pr. Sara Wirth

Eleventh Sunday after Pentecost|08.05.2018|Genesis 1:20-25|Nicole Garcia

Tenth Sunday after Pentecost|07.29.2018|Mark 4:1-9|Pr. Debra Engquist

Ninth Sunday after Pentecost|07.22.2018|Leviticus 25:1-7|Nicole Garcia

Eighth Sunday after Pentecost|07.15.2018|Mark 6:31-44|Pr. Sara Wirth

Seventh Sunday after Pentecost|07.08.2018|Luke 12:22-32|Pr. Sara Wirth

Sixth Sunday after Pentecost|07.01.2018|Exodus 16|Amelia Decker

Fifth Sunday after Pentecost|06.24.2018|Joshua 3:14-17, 4:1-7 and Mark 4:35-41|Pr. Sara Wirth

Fourth Sunday after Pentecost|06.17.2018|Matthew 3:13-17|Nicole Garcia

Second Sunday after Pentecost|06.03.2018|Genesis 1:1-2:4|Pr. Sara Wirth

Trinity Sunday|05.27.2018|Philippians 1:1-18a and John 3:1-17|Pr. Sara Wirth

Day of Pentecost|05.20.2018|Acts 2:1-21, Philippians 4:4-7 and John 14:16-17|Pr. Sara Wirth

Fifth Sunday of Easter|04.29.2018|Acts 17:16-31 and John 1:16-18|Pr. Sara Wirth

Helgen Festival|04.22.2018|Acts 16:16-34 and Luke 6:18-19, 22-23|Pr. Sara Wirth

Third Sunday of Easter|04.15.2018|Acts 9:1-19a and Matthew 6:24|Pr. Sara Wirth

Resurrection of our Lord|04.01.2018|Psalm 118:21-29 and John 20:1-18|Pr. Sara Wirth

Palm Sunday|03.25.2018|Psalm 24 and John 12:12-27, John 19:16b-27|Pr. Sara Wirth

Fifth Sunday of Lent|03.18.2018|Psalm 146 and John 19:1-16a|Pr. Sara Wirth

Second Sunday of Lent|02.25.2018|Psalm 51:7-12 and John 13:1-17|Pr. Sara Wirth

First Sunday of Lent|02.18.2018|Psalm 104:27-30 and John 11:1-44|Pr. Greg Mileski

Transfiguration Sunday|02.11.2018|2 Corinthians 4:3-6 and Mark 9:2-9|Alec Celecki

Fifth Sunday of Epiphany|02.04.2018|Psalm 42:1-3 and John 4:1-42|Pr. Sara Wirth

Fourth Sunday of Epiphany|01.28.2018|Psalm 31 and John 3:1-21|Pr. Sara Wirth

Third Sunday of Epiphany|01.21.2018|Psalm 15 and John 2:13-25|Pr. Sara Wirth

Second Sunday of Epiphany|01.14.2018|Psalm 104:14-16 and John 2:1-11|Pr. Sara Wirth

Baptism of Our Lord|01.07.2018|Psalm 66:1-5 and John 1:35-51|Amelia Decker

First Sunday of Christmas|12.31.2017|Psalm 32:1-2 and John 1:19-34|Pr. Dee Watson

Christ the King Sunday|11.26.2017|Jeremiah 29:1, 4-14 and John 14:27|Pr. Zach Parris

Twenty-third Sunday after Pentecost|11.12.2017|Amos 1:1-2, 5:14-15, 21-24 and John 7:37-38|Pr. Sara Wirth

All Saints’ Sunday|11.5.2017|1 Kings 19:1-18 and John 12:27-28|Pr. Sara Wirth

Reformation Sunday|10.29.2017|1 Kings 5:1-5, 8:1-13 and John 2:19-21|Pr. Sara Wirth

Twentieth Sunday after Pentecost|10.22.2017|1 Samuel 16:1-13 and John 1:35-41|Pr. Sara Wirth

Nineteenth Sunday after Pentecost|10.15.2017|1 Samuel 3:1-21 and John 21:21-23|Pr. Sara Wirth

Eighteenth Sunday after Pentecost|10.08.2017|Exodus 16:1-8 and John 6:41-51|Pr. Sara Wirth

Fifteenth Sunday after Pentecost|09.17.2017|Genesis 21:1-3, 22:1-14 and John 1:29-31|Pr. Sara Wirth

Fourteenth Sunday after Pentecost|09.10.2017|Genesis 1:1-2:4a and John 1:1-5|Pr. Sara Wirth

Twelfth Sunday after Pentecost|08.27.2017|Isaiah 56:1, 6-8 and Matthew 15:21-28|Pr. Sara Wirth

Ninth Sunday after Pentecost |08.13.2017 | Matthew 13:31-33, 44-52 | Pr. Ken Thurow

Eighth Sunday after Pentecost |07.30.2017 | Matthew 13:1-9, 18-23 | Pr. Deb Abbott

Seventh Sunday after Pentecost |07.23.2017 |Matthew 11:16-19, 25-30 | Jess Gribble

Sixth Sunday after Pentecost | 07.16.2017 | Matthew 10:40-42 | Pr. Zach Parris

Fifth Sunday after Pentecost | 07.09.2017 | Matthew 10:24-39 | Chris Johnson

Fourth Sunday after Pentecost | 07.02.2017 | Matthew 9:35—10:8 | Pr. Ken Thurow

Third Sunday after Pentecost | 06.25.2017 | Matthew 9:9-13, 18-26 | Bruce Hoelter

The Holy Trinity | 06.11.2017 | Matthew 28:16-20 | Doug Reeves

Fifth Sunday of Easter | 05.14.2017 | Luke 2:29-32 | Pr. Sara Wirth

Resurrection of Our Lord | 04.16.2017 | Luke 24:1-12 | Pr. Sara Wirth

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