Mount Calvary Lutheran Church


Music at Mount Calvary

At Mount Calvary we recognize that music is an important part of the worship experience. We value its place as a vehicle for the teaching of scripture, and the worship and praise of our Lord. Mount Calvary also enjoys celebrating and worshiping with music that represents a wide array of style and culture throughout the year. We strive to incorporate styles and traditions from the universal church in our Sunday morning services, as well as create worship experiences that uniquely feature styles such as Jazz, Latin American, Gospel, African, and Bluegrass music. Mount Calvary is blessed with a talented congregation and throughout the year we feature them as soloists and instrumentalists in our services.


Festival Choir

The Mount Calvary Festival Choir practices weekly and sings most Sundays during the program year (usually August through May). This ensemble provides musical leadership within Sunday worship and prepares a variety of music from all time periods and cultures. The choir is a fantastic representation of community at Mount Calvary: we are committed to musical excellence, while also having fun and building a community among our members.

The schedule for choir practice for March to May 2019 can be found here: Mount Calvary Choir Schedule March to May 2019

Jubilation Handbell Ensemble

The Jubilation Handbell Ensemble meets seasonally to play for special services and celebrations. When active, this fun and low pressure group meets weekly and plays 1-2 Sundays per month. In addition, the players also collaborate with other ensembles at Mount Calvary for festival days and special music. No previous experience is necessary to join in the fun; all are welcome!

Women’s Gospel Ensemble

The Women’s Gospel Ensemble was founded by members of the congregation. It is a seasonal ensemble, preparing special music and worship for festival days or special services. This female group is rooted in the tradition of Horace Boyer and the Gospel Festival at Mount Calvary, but has expanded its repertoire to include jazz, Latin American, African, and other styles.