Mount Calvary Lutheran Church

What’s in a name?

Arapahoe Parcel Update

Now that land surveys have been done, building inspections completed, and applications submitted to the City; the next order of business for our new Christian venture is Identity. Under the direction of our pending leader, Nicole Garcia, the time has arrived to remove the ‘new start’ tag and put a name on our new home, as well as create our new Mission Statement.

So how important is this naming ritual? Would ‘New Calvary’ or ‘Mount Hope’ or some semblance of Mount Calvary define who we are? Probably not. Some might argue that the name is no more important than the street sign out front, letting you know you’re in the right location. A couple examples of local thriving church communities in Lafayette and Louisville are called Flatirons and Ascent. While one utilizes the same name as a Subaru dealer, shopping mall and a local rock formation, the other sounds like a rival to REI or NorthFace. Yet both are examples of thriving Christian communities.

The Book of Exodus seems to give us further insight. When Moses asked God ‘Whom shall I say sent me?’ God’s response was ‘I am who I am’. A name wasn’t important, it was the Spirit, the Presence that provided the identity.

Though we realize that a name is necessary, could it be that the true identity of a church is not the name on the door, but the welcoming Spirit that resides within? It’s being greeted with a handshake and a hug, a warm unconditional smile to all who worship, an inspiring message from the pulpit, and the fellowship and conversation that follows. THAT is the Spirit of Mount Calvary that we are taking to our new home. We invite you to join us!

                                                All Are Welcome…

Committee Members: Doug Reeves, Bonnie Altman, Ruth and Carl Forsberg, Jody Hoelter, Jean and Eric Hoos, Christine Labozan, Michael Wood