Mount Calvary Lutheran Church

Together Colorado

We hold that our life together is based on the sacred and infinite value of each and every human being. All people deserve to live the life God calls them to live – to make the most of their God given gifts and potential and to live a life of dignity. No exceptions. As such, we are compelled by our faith to advance a moral economy, equity, and the eradication of racism.

During the 2019 Colorado Legislative Session, we encourage our state elected officials to promote an agenda of human dignity by supporting legislation that provides healthcare for all Coloradans, allows cities and counties to raise the minimum wage to a level needed for workers to thrive, promotes and protects affordable housing, supports family values by passing paid-family medical leave, and advances the dignity and safety of immigrant families through expansion of the existing driver’s license program.

Combined, these modest legislative measures would dramatically improve and positively impact the lives of hundreds of thousands of Coloradans by advancing a moral, dignified, and equitable future.

Together Colorado Legislative Priorities:

SB19-139 – More Colorado Roads and Community Safety Act Offices
Sponsor(s): Sen. Don Coram, Sen. Dominick Moreno, Rep. Rochelle Galindo, Rep. Jonathan Singer
Together Colorado Position: SUPPORT

In 2013, the Colorado Legislature passed SB-251: The Colorado Roads and Community Safety Act, which provided driver’s licenses to all Colorado residents, regardless of immigration status. The 2019 legislation would expand the number of offices where people can apply for and receive a driver’s license to 10 or more offices geographically distributed throughout the state.

HB19-1210 – Local Government Minimum Wage
Sponsor(s): Sen. Moreno, Sen. Danielson, Rep. Rochelle Galindo, Rep. Jovan Melton
Together Colorado Position: SUPPORT

This bill would repeal the current prohibition on local governments that may wish to enact a higher minimum wage than the state’s minimum wage. The Local Wage Option would allow local jurisdictions to choose to increase the minimum wage in their communities to more effectively address the cost of living in a local area if they believed it would benefit their community.

SB19-188 FAMLI Family Medical Leave Insurance Program
Sponsor(s): Sen. Faith Winter, Sen. Angela Williams, Rep. Matt Gray, Rep. Monica Duran
Together Colorado Position: SUPPORT

This bill would create a statewide family and medical leave insurance (FAMLI) program to provide partial wage-replacement benefits to an eligible individual who takes leave from work to care for a new child, a family member with a serious health condition, or who is unable to work due to the individual’s own serious longer-term health issue.