Mount Calvary Lutheran Church

Mighty Oaks of Mount Calvary

Arapahoe Parcel Update
May 16, 2019

Herb Chilstrom was the first presiding Bishop of the ELCA. His service to our national synod ended in 1985. Thanks to Chris Johnson, Pastor Chilstrom paid Mount Calvary a visit during our 125th Celebration in 2012. Pastor Chilstrom “gifted” us all with a daily devotional book that he wrote along with his wife. One of his springtime devotions hit close to home.

He talked about the mystery of the majestic oak trees around his home in Minnesota and how when fall arrives, the leaves burst into color then die, yet never drop to the ground. The stubborn oaks hold onto their withered leaves all winter long, only to shed them when new growth arrives in the spring.

Pastor Chilstrom continues: “These oaks trees remind me our our tendency as Christians to cling to old habits and familiar ways of doing things long after we should have shed them. Change is challenging. It means adopting new habits, learning new procedures, and getting used to change. It’s never easy, of course, but new growth demands that we accept change.”

Quite a recognition from a man in his 80’s.

Mount Calvary is currently in the due diligence stage of purchasing our new house of worship. It will come with a new name, new leadership, and a new way of worshiping. Very radical, maybe very scary, yet very exciting.

Currently land surveying, City of Boulder applications, building inspections, water tests, construction bids and various contractual agreements are all in the works toward a potential closing in July.

You can almost hear Pastor Chilstrom whispering, “Hey Mount Calvary, time to drop your leaves ad grow…”