Mount Calvary Lutheran Church

June 30th Congregational Meeting

Letter from Church Council President

Dear Mount Calvary Church Members,

I’m writing to advise you of the upcoming congregational meeting on June 30, 2019. At the meeting on March 10, 2019, our church made the difficult but brave decision “That Mount Calvary Lutheran Church start the process of dissolution.”  I call this decision brave not only in recognition of how hard it is to let go, but also how courageous you are to create and build something new. While it is true that not everyone will be a part of the church on Arapahoe in Boulder, we came together as a congregation to support and embrace all members by allowing BOTH the new start group to begin the adventure of a mission start, AND support those who wanted to provide significant benevolent gifts outside the church while considering their option of transferring membership to Atonement or one of the other ELCA churches in Boulder. At the meeting we will have a motion to close Mount Calvary Lutheran Church, in accordance to our constitution and the rules of the Rocky Mountain Synod.

An agenda and written copies of all motions will be sent in advance of the meeting. I am unable to include the agenda and motions with this letter as some of the details and wording are still being worked out. However, we will make sure that all motions are available in writing ahead of the meeting.

I can tell you that in addition to confirming allocation of funds and resources as part of the dissolution motion, we will be reviewing the current financial status, electing new council members, making new decisions regarding the Legacy 125 fund, and providing an update on the progress and schedule of the mission start.

There are a lot of exciting decisions being made and special worship events coming up. I encourage you all to remain active and take part in as much as you can.

Yours in Christ,

Jenny Evarts
Council President
Mount Calvary Lutheran Church