Mount Calvary Lutheran Church

Future of MCLC

In 2017, the property at 3485 Stanford Court was sold to Frazier Meadows and the Boulder Housing Authority with the intention of having the city of Boulder build affordable senior housing on the property.  There are nine guiding principles for the project:

  1. Adopt and implement a comprehensive transpiration demand management (TDM) plan, to encourage use of alternate modes of transportation by residents.

  2. Collaborative public process from concept planning through the final development approval

  3. Design that is compatible with existing neighborhood character

  4. 100% permanently affordable homes for seniors

  5. Mixed-income affordability from very low to moderate incomes

  6. Financially viable project through development and operation

  7. Employ best practices to design, construct, and operate an energy efficient, healthy, and environmentally responsible project

  8. Design that maximizes Frasier’s interest in delivering services to our residents

  9. Provide superior property management services for the benefit of residents and neighbors alike

Click here for a PDF of the list: Guiding Principles_Mount Calvary Property