Mount Calvary Lutheran Church

ELCA World Hunger Global Farm Challenge

The ELCA World Hunger Global Farm Challenge was held here at Mount Calvary during the month of August 2018. The fund challenge is to support the agriculture-related programs of the ELCA World Hunger, our  church’s ministry to end hunger and poverty.
Mount Calvary Lutheran Church raised $2,070.00 and there was a matching gift of $1000 from the Jean Danielson and Neil Olien memorial fund for a total gift of $3,070.00!!
Here is a breakdown of how the funds will be dispersed:
  • $1000: Oxen & plow (a gift that can double or triple a farmer’s annual harvest!)
  • $715: Two goats, two pigs, a dozen chickens, seeds, farming tools, agricultural training and support
  • $500: A cow
  • $250: A fish farm (a pond and fast growing fish like tilapia)
  • $200: Community garden (land, good soil, drought resistant seeds)
  • $150: Fruit tree nursery
  • $50: Two goats (goats survive in harsh climates and provide milk)
  • $40: Four chicks
  • $30: One piglet
  • $30: Two roosters
  • $25: Farming tools
  • $20: Honeybees (bees produce beeswax products, honey, and pollinate plants)
  • $10: A tree

God, help us to serve our siblings in Christ and end hunger for good. Amen.