Mount Calvary Lutheran Church


June 14, 2018

June 14, 2018

As a congregation we are undertaking a decision-making strategy for our future. Because this is a process that takes time, I thought it might be helpful to review where we’ve been and what’s next.

Here’s a visual that captures the overall process:


  1. Story—Our Long-Range Planning Taskforce began the process of telling our story when it presented its report to the congregation in June of 2015. The report named attendance and giving trends that needed to be addressed for the viability of the congregation.  The decision to explore selling the church property came as one of the recommendations in the report.  In 2016, the congregation made the decision to sell the church property to a partnership of Frasier Meadows and Boulder Housing Partners for the purposes of building senior affordable housing and eliminating the debt of the congregation so that more resources could be directed toward ministry.


  1. Interests—As a congregation we’ve identified that we want to make a difference in the world. That means serving a need that exists in our community, that we have the gifts to meet, and others don’t or won’t.  So, what are our gifts? In the winter of 2016-2017 the Reflections ministry of the congregation began gathering information to name the strengths of the congregation.  Here’s what they identified:
  • Accepting Community
  • Compassionate Service
  • Venturesome Faith
  • Musical Spirituality

Each of these strengths can be used to build on as we create a future together. In 2018 we committed half of a staff position to experimentation—exploring needs in the community that we may have the gifts to meet.  At the adult forum on Sunday, June 10th Amelia gave a report on what she has learned in the areas of: immigration accompaniment, social entrepreneurship, missional exploration, and connections through food.


  1. Options—In the fall of 2017 the congregation identified four options to explore for the physical future of Mount Calvary: Buy/Build, Lease, Merge, and Commercial Venture. Each option was assigned a taskforce.  Throughout the winter the taskforces conducted research.  Each taskforce has had the opportunity to present their findings to the congregation.  A summary of their reports will be sent to all members of the congregation prior to the semi-annual congregational meeting.


  1. Evaluation—On June 24th, at the semi-annual congregational meeting, the congregation will begin the evaluation of the options researched by the four taskforces. Together we will evaluate how well each option aligns with our strengths and interests.


  1. Commitment—It is possible we will leave the congregational meeting with a commitment to one of the options. If we don’t have consensus, the commitment might be to further explore one or more of the options and then gather at a later date to evaluate based on additional information.


  1. Implementation—This is the last step. Council will work to develop a plan for implementing whatever option the congregation to which the congregation commits.


In the visual above, you’ll notice that relationships are in the center.  Our relationships with God and each other ground this work of discernment.  At every step in the process there have been intentional times for our community to gather, to listen and to learn from each other.  I encourage you to attend the upcoming semi-annual meeting after worship on Sunday, June 24th to continue growing relationships as together we evaluate the options before us.

Yours in Christ,

Pastor Sara