Mount Calvary Lutheran Church


Arapahoe Parcel Update
May 9, 2019

Go Forth… at first blush seems to be a blind call to action. Though it probably evokes more questions than any impulse to act. Go Forth where? When? And with whom? And more importantly Why?

To answer these questions our own Nicole Garcia would advise us to “go to the Bible.” Scripture offers many examples of people being called to Go Forth. Abraham was very old, and probably very tired, yet he was inspired by God to take his family and Go Forth. Where? He had no idea. Why? To create a whole new generation of God’s people.

Moses and the Israelites faced the same dilemma. They were old and tired slaves of Egypt yet were still motivated to Go Forth. Where? To the desert…for40 years! Why? To build God’s new nation in a land of ‘milk and honey’. And, then there’s Jesus. He obediently followed the directive to Go Forth with his ministry. He journeyed throughout the countryside never knowing when he would eat, or where he would sleep. Yet he changed the course of Christianity for the next 2,000 years.

All of these examples of Going Forth in the Bible had one common theme; they didn’t necessarily have a plan, but they had God’s plan.

Now we’re being challenged to Go Forth. Yes maybe we’re also a little long in the tooth, or even too tired for the journey, but ours is not as daunting as those Biblical examples. Our journey is a 10 minute car ride. Our destination is an existing comfortable sanctuary with 5 acres of usable land overlooking Boulder and those impressive mountain peaks. Scripture continually reminds us how monumental tasks were accomplished with God’s will. Now, it would be hard to classify our intended relocation as monumental or challenging. But what it can be is new, innovating, and exciting. Tonight, with the support of our Rocky Mountain Synod, we are preparing to take the Spirit of Mount Calvary in a new direction, with a new identity and a new form of outreach.

Our New Start committee hereby invites everyone to join us on our new Go Forth journey. All you need to bring is what Abraham, Moses and Jesus took on their journeys…FAITH.

Committee Members:
Doug Reeves, Bonnie Altman, Ruth and Carl Forsberg, Jody Hoelter, Jean and Eric Hoos, Christine Labozan, Michael Wood