Mount Calvary Lutheran Church

Stewardship 2018

The fall Stewardship campaign is fast approaching! This years’ Stewardship campaign is “Mount Calvary Connects.” We connect with each other, our local community and the world. We will be appealing not only for pledges to fund current operations, but we will also be asking the congregation to fund three new ministry initiatives relating to connections. Those initiatives will be introduced in the near future, but until then, please contemplate why you give in the first place. Joyful giving can be broken into six different steps, and here is the first step. Look for a new step each week!

Chris Johnson, Stewardship Chair

V Decide to Give Sacrificially

Little was ever accomplished without sacrifice. This is true in our homes, our work, our church, our country. Sacrifice is a necessary component of successful living.

And so it is with the Christian life and faith. Our salvation cost God the cross. Bonhoeffer rightly said there is no cheap grace.

Much of church giving is only token giving, averaging about two percent of income. No wonder there is so little joy or satisfaction in it! It requires no sacrifice! We have given only what we could easily afford, what we would not really miss.

Experience has shown that giving, to be meaningful and joyful, has to be sacrificial! Each will have to determine what amount or percentage is sacrificial for his or her circumstances. But experience again suggests that for most people sacrificial giving begins at five percent of income with proportions under five percent falling into the token giving category.

Church interest is often low, studies have shown, because investment is low. There is no sacrifice. It doesn’t really cost anything. Jesus said, “Where your treasure is, there will be your heart also.” (Luke 12:34) Where is my treasure? Where is my heart?



Thus ends part one of six. If you want to read ahead, here are all six steps:  Joyful Giving Brochure