Mount Calvary Lutheran Church

Letter of Intent and Sale of Property

Blessed to be a blessing is a motto engraved at the entrance to Mount Calvary Church. This
phrase is at the heart of everything we do here whether it is serving our local homeless
population, making sure kids in the Philippines have an education, sending high school kids on
mission trips to other parts of the US, or building orphanages in Africa. In June Mount Calvary
made an important decision that will further our ability to be “blessed to be a blessing.”

On June 12 the congregation voted to agree on a letter of intent with Boulder Housing
Partners and Frasier to sell the property and buildings of Mount Calvary to the two entities to
create an affordable housing site.

The opportunity to work with Boulder Housing Partners and Frasier enables us to stay on the
property, in the building, up to 15 years. Additionally, the prospect of having our property
turned into affordable senior housing, a need so great in the Boulder area, helps further our
mission of being a blessing to others.

As the congregation contemplated this decision lots of excitement was generated as members
began to envision what the sale of the property could mean to our church and the community
we serve. The ability to dream big without the confines of a mortgage brings much
anticipation to our members.

While we have a long way to go to finalize plans for the sale and exchange of property, we
continue to prayerfully consider all of the options for the future of our congregation that may
be available to us. We invite others to join us as we continue our mission to be blessed to be
a blessing.